SW-Store: Data management for the Semantic Web

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SW-Store is a recently launched project whose goal is to manage and query Semantic Web data. We are starting from a clean-slate and designing a DBMS specifically for this type of data and the prevalent Semantic Web data model, the Resource Description Framework, or RDF. We explore how common SW queries and applications such as reasoning and biological data integration can be built into the database. We are particularly interested in scaling Semantic Web applications across a shared-nothing cluster of machines. This includes scaling both analytical queries and transactional processing. This work is funded by the NSF under grant IIS-0845643. The title of this NSF award is: "Architecting A Database Management System for Semantic Web Data". The start date is February 15, 2009 and the end date is January 31, 2014 (on a year-by-year continuing basis).

Papers and Technical Reports

This project builds on the work performed in the following paper: Papers that are part of the core SW-Store project: Demo: Papers that focus on scaling transactional processing: The NSF award behind SW-Store also helped fund the research performed in the following paper (though this paper was primarily funded by NSF IIS-0844480).



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